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Real Estate & Business Funding Made Easy

Fix/Flips - Buy/Holds - Refi's - Multi-Family - Developments - New Construction - Bridge Loans - Working Capital and Equipment - We have a solution for your lending need!


My Elite Loans can get you funded in all 50 States within 10-12 days!  

Rates start at 5.5% and we have terms from 3 months to 30 years depending on your need.

Have you ever dealt with a lender that can't get you rates-terms within a couple of hours? Don't waste your time with them! We are dedicated to quickly funding your projects at the best rates and terms available.  We have unlimited funds available for your projects. 

We offer 100% Financing for Fix and Flips as well as a  90% LTV and 100% rehab program that funds in just 10 days!!  We offer customized rates/terms for our cash out refi's, multi-family, development, and commercial programs.  No one else comes close! Call Us Today!

Our new LOC for fix/flips is incredible! Call for details!


Real Estate Investment Funding Options


  • FIx & Flip - 90% LTV / 100% Rehab
  • Fix & Flip - 100% Funding in 10 days!
  • Buy & Hold - Excellent Rates
  • Line of Credit - Instant Funding
  • Multi-Family
  • New Construction and Development
  • Bridge Loans and much more!!

Working Capital

Pre-revenue and Start-ups OK!  Unsecured loans, Instant Funding Option, and much more!


Common Us

Pre-revenue and Start-ups OK!  Unsecured loans, Instant Funding Option, and much more!

Common Uses

• Start a new business
• Market to new clients
• Acquiring new equipment or supplies 

• Build a website, start online marketing 

• Create great new products or services!

Equipment Loans


What We Offer
• Approvals within 48 hours
• 24–60 months term
• 100% financing
• Fixed monthly payments
• Simple documentation
• Funding ranging from $5,000 -$2,000,000

Typical Items Financed

• Furniture, Fixtures, Millwork, Signage
• Computers, Printers and POS Systems
• Vehicles, Trucks and Vans
• Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment
• Heavy Machinery
• Spa, Salon, Manufacturing, Medical Equipment